Made in Australia featuring Love K Keepsakes

Meet the amazing Kristie, the face behind Love K Keepsakes based on the Central Coast, NSW.

Creative director, designer, maker and everything in between, Kristie is an incredible woman of many talents. With a love for the ocean and passion for design, Kristie uses her immense talent to design and handmake with love each timber grazing board and the unique resin artwork on each board. Let's get to know more about the Love K Keepsakes:

How long have you been making your beautiful grazing boards?

I started making my grazing boards in February 2020

What made you take the leap into starting your own small business?

I started a business 10 years ago selling products online, however my passion is in design, art and craft. After watching a lot of resin clips online, I decided to take the leap. I ordered some resin, pastes etc and I was hooked instantly! It was so calming and I loved the feeling and finish of resin.

I knew I wanted my niche to be my love of the ocean, so that is what I focussed on, day and night. I watched hours of footage, completed online courses and practiced every waking moment. So my resin journey begun!

I jumped into timber not long after, asking for tools for my birthday. Once I had enough in my collection, I started making my own grazing boards so they were original and handmade with love.

Please tell us a bit about the creative process in making the grazing boards:

I start off by cutting out, routing, sanding and prepping the boards. Then the lengthy resin process begins.

I start out with an undercoat and then the first wave. Resin only has 1 hour working time and it has to cure in the same spot for 24 hours before add more waves. So this is done in a lot of batches as I can only fit so many on my tables in a day!

I then add more waves to make it look as realistic as the beach, giving more depth to each piece. Once the boards have cured over 3 days, I can sand the drips on the back of the boards then finish them with coconut oil to protect the timber.

What other custom made pieces have you made for people that love your work?

I have had a lot of custom pieces ordered! From huge wall pieces to clocks, coffee tables and even caravan tables. I love when someone gives me something to challenge my creative side.

What are your future goals for Love K Keepsakes?

I would love to one day, teach my art to others. It makes me so happy to do something I love and to make others feel the same would be amazing!


THANK YOU to Kristie for sharing some insight into her life and creative process. Kristie's grazing boards are one of our most popular products! The craftmanship, creativity, time and love that goes into the creation of each board is so impressive, and the end product is one of unique beauty.


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