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We are inspired by the coast. It is the essence of our brand. When sourcing products, we are always searching for like-minded businesses who share our deep respect and love for the sea and it's offerings. Darlin is one such brand, offering beautiful and quality homewares that have been been made with heart and soul.

Darlin are an Australian small family operated business with a passion for building trusted relationships with their creators and retailers. They focus on sourcing distinctive product with a story from fellow small family run businesses from around the world and they are passionate about it's journey into your home.


With our precious environment in mind, Darlin source products that include eco-friendly elements such as being handmade from recycled, repurposed and sustainable materials. This includes their amazing range of unique wall art made using the beautiful Capiz shells, handcrafted in the Philippines.

The shells are shed by molluscs in the ocean as part of their growing process. They float to the surface and wash up along the northern shores of the Philippines, near a township called Capiz, where they are collected, cleaned and prepared for repurposing into beautiful and unique pieces of art by local makers.


Capiz shells are a versatile medium for these skilled craftspeople. They can be cut, crushed, coloured or applied as is to create different effects and textures. The shells are bonded to 100% recycled metal frames and finished with a fine resin lacquer to protect the shells. This entire process is done by hand, with care and skill to create pieces that capture the true beauty of the ocean and its amazing creatures. Take a look at the video below to see some of the creative process.


Special Offer from Darlin and Seaweed & Sand Homewares

Spend $100 or more on our beautiful range from Darlin to receive a free Crushed Capiz Turtle Wall Art valued at $49.95. Stock is limited!



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